On The Trap by Melanie Raabe

On The Trap by Melanie Raabe

Wow! If those two lines don’t get your attention I don’t know what will.

What attracted me to The Trap was the cover and the sentence above. Then I noticed it was published by Text Publishing. I’ve found so many great reads from the Text shelves. When I saw the little (t) on the front cover I thought: this book must be good otherwise Text wouldn’t have published it, right? The answer is yes! It was great and Text has once again published an impressive debut novel.

I was reading outside my comfort zone with The Trap (I’m not one who normally reads psychological thrillers) but I was immediately drawn into Linda’s world – it was just so cleverly revealed in the first few pages and had me wanting to know more.

Linda is a famous novelist and a recluse who hasn’t left her home in years. Her sister Anna was murdered 12 years ago and Linda saw the murderer. Now twelve years later she sees him again on TV, and begins to set her TRAP.

Why did I enjoy this book so much? It’s a little hard for me to explain. Linda was easy to like, although she was a very confused and lonely person. I was invested in her story and wanted to see how it would end.

There was also a very clever plot line – a novel within a novel – which was interesting and gave you more insight into Linda’s character and how she ended up a recluse. At no point in the book did I even begin to guess what was going to happen, in fact I was just as confused as Linda, not knowing what was real or imagined, so much so that I even reread passages to see if I missed something. It was also refreshing to be pulled along in the natural flow of the story without worrying too much about the outcome. It didn’t matter to me, what was important was that Linda got a chance to work through her emotions and find some sort of closure.

The Trap is described as a psychological thriller but there was so much more to the novel than finding out who killed Linda’s sister Anna and why. There was Linda’s story and that was what I found the most enthralling.

Normally when I write a review I have the book beside me so I can flick through and reread bits, it somehow makes it easier to write. This time however I don’t have the book with me. I quickly passed it along to a friend to read because I enjoyed it so much!

Anyway, I hope you pick up The Trap for yourself and read it because it was definitely 5 stars for me!








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