On SR and David Bowie

I was talking to my husband on the phone recently when he said to me, “Listen to this: David Bowie was once asked, ‘what is your idea of perfect happiness?’ and he replied simply, ‘reading.’” He was reading this article from Huff Post.

Bowie’s death is a tragedy, but he left an incredible legacy and with that simple response he managed to give Jody and I an answer to the question that had been plaguing us for days. What would we call this blog that we so wanted to start? We knew we wanted it to involve books and reading, we didn’t want to it be too obscure because we try, as much as possible, to tell it how it is.

Bowie will continue to inspire others largely with his writing, with his words. You can’t deny the power of the written word, from the smallest sentence on Twitter, to a 900-page tome. This hasn’t changed over the years. The way in which we read may have changed, but our desire to read, to learn from other experiences, to be inspired, educated, entertained. It will always remain.

So, in that moment I stopped, my brain sung out ‘yes!’ That’s what it is. Reading is an act of perfect happiness and a great deal of that comes from its simplicity. Picking up that book and reading those words, to be transported to an entirely different world.

So. Simply Reading was born. And with it we hope, great challenges, great fun and most of all, great reads.

Amanda x




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